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Updated: Mar 26

Oculus Quest 2 Vr Headset and Controllers

Have to give an appreciation post for the super dope evolved technology that has entered my life because my boyfriend is an urban tech nerd and I have to say it’s the best and the most satisfying experience at the same time. First off I get to become superbly immersed in any world or setting of my choice and lately it’s been my go to environment for fitness and meditation.

Can you believe that I’ve been working out intense with 400 calories at the least everyday for at least 45 days?

I’ve never ever done that before.

Also I get to design my own environment for meditation.

yes the some games and apps are an extra charge but it’s worth the investment, I’ve been gaining energy to be the true me and I love it!

I’ve included an affiliate link in case you all want to purchase the same one my family and I did.

Check it out below on Amazon! 🙏


Update: More recently since my boyfriend helped me recover from Cancer and we have been working out and utilizing meditation in Vritual reality, I’m now rediscovering my love for music creating in VR! More updates to come.

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