Musician + Producer +Philosopher+ Audio Engineer+ Photographer+ Director+ Writer+ Herbalist +Beat God 

"The Consciousness of HIP HOP is rising.

Is everyone prepared for the shift?"




Now with 20 years of Music Producing and Directing experience underneath his belt, KV Statuz has the ear and the VISION that brings all the elements of the sound of the music, and the artist's image together. It is  in fact what most aspiring artist tend to forget when striving for stardom in the record industry. "KV Statuz  creates a sound that inspires more creation, ignites exploration, and breeds intelligence". Music in general and more specifically  HIPHOP is a love that can't be replaced, which is why HIPHOP has EVOLVED!

To your health!






*insider sidenote (His kowledge in music ranges from Country,Hip Hop,R&B, Pop, Dance, Classic Rock ,Opera and more!)